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Understand your customers better

Understand your customers better

Get to know your customers using real-time data. Track their behavior, collect data, and create detailed customer profiles. Then use those insights to segment your list, nurture relationships, and send the right message.

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Sell more, more often

By automating the customer journey, you can optimize your lead generation and make more sales. Plus, create custom workflows to nurture your relationships and send prospects to custom CRM pipelines.

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Sell more, more often
Save time and focus on what matters most

Save time and focus on what
matters most

Once your workflows are up and running, you can be confident your campaigns reach the right people, at the right time. And that means more time to focus on enhancing your communications and converting more leads.

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Grow your list

Your email list is your biggest marketing asset. Make the most of it with powerful list-building tools like forms, landing pages, and webinars.

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Grow your list
Boost your open rates

Boost your open rates

Want more people to see your message? GetResponse Enterprise is packed with features to help you get a better open rate – like Hydra-protected reputation and deliverability, responsive email and landing page templates, and A/B testing.

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Get a better sender reputation

Want a consistent deliverability rate over 99%? We’ve teamed up with industry leaders like ReturnPath, SpamHaus, and SpamAssassin to ensure CAN-SPAM compliance and protect your sender reputation.

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Get a better sender reputation

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