How Lavito uses GetResponse
to beat the competition

Lavito is a fast-growing startup company with an online platform that
has revolutionized the way we make appointments at beauty salons.
The company collaborates with more than 2,500 beauty merchants
and offers almost 380,000 beauty services – and still counting.


  • Market research
  • Lead generation
  • Low email engagement


  • Online surveys
  • Email marketing
  • Marketing automation


  • 1017 Surveys completed
  • 42% Best unique open rates
  • 11,000 New subscribers monthly

Using the Lavito online platform, customers can make an appointment at a local beauty parlor in the blink of an eye. But high competition among beauty and lifestyle platforms requires creativity to generate leads and continually raise interest in the latest promo offers.

Our biggest challenge is to regularly reach B2C customers and generate leads. We learned about GetResponse
from their educational webinars and ebooks. Our choice of the platform was dictated by the competitive
price and a range of features included within their MAX account.

Damian Borowiec, Marketing Manager at Lavito

Damian Borowiec, Marketing Manager at Lavito

Here’s how GetResponse helped them stay ahead of the competition.

Online surveys for market research

One of the first creative ideas was to conduct market research to gain insights into latest trends and customer preferences.

We created an online survey using the GetResponse platform and shared the link via our newsletters.
After completing the survey, the customer was directed to a dedicated landing page, created with
the GetResponse landing page editor.

Damian Borowiec, Marketing Manager at Lavito

Damian Borowiec, Marketing Manager at Lavito

The results of the research exceeded our expectations. Within a month people completed 1017 surveys,
and their valuable feedback could be used to improve the platform and gain knowledge about customer
preferences. As a result, the company offers more targeted services, directly responding to visitor needs.

Email marketing and advanced segmentation

Email marketing is a must among beauty and lifestyle platforms. Lavito team took it to a next level with advanced segmentation. Their B2C newsletters focus entirely on lead generation, resulting in an average of 11,000 new contacts monthly. In addition, their B2B segment receives educational content and updates about important platform changes, while their partners get dedicated emails with individual offers. As a result, their unique open rate reached 42% and unique click-through rate 18.8%.

Here are the average results for the newsletters sent June 5 through July 5:

Open rate

  • B2C 16%
  • B2B 25%
  • Partners 25%

Lavito applies a well-thought-out strategy to their email marketing activities. They use multiple features to optimize the results and find creative ways to reach active and inactive customers. Most of all, they continually improve the content of their newsletters to stand out among the competition, and they succeed!

Natasza Jakubowska, GetResponse Customer Experience Engineer

Natasza Jakubowska, GetResponse Customer Experience Engineer

Marketing automation for retention programs

Lastly, the company decided to introduce marketing automation and experiment with its capabilities as a part of their retention program.

Our main challenge was a big number of non-opened emails. But thanks to marketing automation, we managed to re-engage some of our inactive users.

Damian Borowiec, Marketing Manager at Lavito

Damian Borowiec, Marketing Manager at Lavito

Their initial automation workflow included a simple re-engagement email to contacts who hadn't opened any emails recently. Customers who decided to re-confirm the subscription received a dedicated discount for future shopping. This simple technique allowed the team to reward engaged customers and remove those who are inactive from the list.

Platform pemasaran dalam talian berintegrasi untuk bisnes perusahaan

From market research to segmented communications to retention programs – the Lavito startup team has everything they need to compete with the big players.

GetResponse is our secret weapon in beating the competition because it combines all the essential digital tools we need: from newsletters and surveys to landing pages and marketing automation. As a result, we can optimize the costs and manage all our marketing activities using only one tool.

Damian Borowiec, Marketing Manager at Lavito

Damian Borowiec, Marketing Manager at Lavito

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