How iMoney Grew Their Customer
Base 10 Times with GetResponse

iMoney is the leading financial comparison aggregator in Southeast Asia. Visitors can compare and apply for credit cards,
home loans, personal loans, broadband, insurance, and more.


  • Required dedicated
    infrastructure to support
    fast, high-volume sending.
  • Cost increased dramatically
    as their database grew.
  • Wanted more control
    over their sender reputation.

Favorite features

  • Marketing automation
  • Dedicated IP
  • Dedicated Customer Experience Engineer


  • 20%

    Average open rate
    exceeds 20%.
  • 4x

    Active subscriber
    database grew 4 times.
  • 10x

    Conversions from email
    increased 10 times in 6 months.

Email marketing for enterprise

With the GetResponse MAX solution, iMoney got dedicated IPs to ensure maximum deliverability.
After a comprehensive warmup process with their Customer Experience Engineer, their average open rate exceeded 20% compared
to the results they got using a shared IP in a different email marketing platform.

Marketing automation
for increased productivity

iMoney has a database of millions of users across four countries. By using GetResponse marketing automation, they were able to streamline, automate, and optimize their existing processes.
This left their team with more resources and bandwidth to focus on profitable initiatives such as market expansion and strategy.

iMoney currently use five marketing automation workflows to manage their drip email campaigns. They send out personalized messages, tailored to their customers’ preferences. As a result, their active contact database grew four times, and their email marketing conversion rate increased ten times in six months.

The visual automation module makes building complex workflows easy! As a SaaS product, GetResponse covers all functionalities needed for enterprise email marketing, and more.

Alexander Glanville-Wallis, Group CRM Manager, iMoney Group
Alexander Glanville-Wallis, Group CRM Manager, iMoney Group

GetResponse is easy to use, and straightforward, with excellent account management. We managed to migrate four databases within a week (all with API integration).

Alexander Glanville-Wallis, Group CRM Manager, iMoney Group
Alexander Glanville-Wallis, Group CRM Manager, iMoney Group

Flexibility for ultimate
spend control

GetResponse provides their customers with unique, dedicated IPs, giving them complete control over their domain reputation – a huge benefit that iMoney enjoys. The addition of a dedicated Customer Experience Engineer, based in the same country and time zone, helped them quickly learn how to use the platform to get the best results.

The pricing model was also attractive. The cost of the MAX package scales with their growing customer database. They don’t pay according to the number of emails they send, they’re billed in Malaysian Ringgit, and are not subject to additional taxes.

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