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Make it personal, make it meaningful

Get closer to your contacts

Build a better connection

By creating a truly personalized customer experience, you can use customer data to send relevant, value-packed messages. To the right people, at the right time.

With dynamic content, you can promote products you know your customers will like. It’s easy to personalize email content based on their behavior, interests, and geographical location, or even the language they speak.

Get closer to your contacts

You can tailor marketing automation workflows to customer needs and preferences. And with conditions, actions, and filters, you can communicate with higher precision.

Advanced segmentation lets you group customers based on their likes. Use the data to add custom fields to your email list segments. With razor-sharp targeting, your emails will be utterly irresistible.

Scoring and tagging brings you even closer to your customers, so you can analyze their habits and preferences. Then track their activity to create complete customer profiles and send truly tailored content.

Get closer to your contacts
Always send at the right time

Always send at the right time

Perfect Timing automatically pinpoints the perfect send time for each contact. That way, you reach your subscribers when they’re most likely to open and click your emails.

And with Time Travel, your emails are sent at the same time in different time zones. So you can schedule your campaigns to go out when every subscriber is awake and more likely to convert.

Protect your sender reputation

By using a unique IP address, you can protect your email reputation and boost deliverability. Along with a custom DKIM and dedicated infrastructure, this makes communicating with your database a breeze.

Build a complete suite

Need more flexibility? With API, you can seamlessly integrate your email marketing with other online tools. And create your own business suite for collecting data, and segmenting and personalizing your campaigns.

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